About GoDesi Vedic Bilona A2 Ghee

  • Finest Desi Gir Cow’s hand churned ghee made by Vedic traditional method in our own Farm.
  • Milk sourced from our own farm from Gir cows, the cows are reared, fed with natural grass and feeds.
  • Our Ghee is Golden color with rich Aroma, which has ayurvedic and medicinal properties.
  • We use around 33 litres plus of A2 Milk to make 1Kg of this precious traditional Vedic Ghee.
  • Complete package of vitamins and acids that promotes good health.

GoDesi A2 Ghee is extracted from churning the curd of whole milk of Desi cows –Vedic Bilona Ghee

GoDesi Ghee making process

Types of Commercial Ghee available in Market

  • Ghee from hybrid A1 cow milk: Ghee extracted from milk cream (Malai)
  • Ghee extract from animal and vegetable fat
  • Ghee extracted from Buffalo Milk/Fat