Very happy with Milk quality and Supply

GoDesi A2 Milk was recommended by the lactation consultant I saw and I’ve been taking it for over 2 months with great results. I plan to continue taking this while nursing!

Divya Tripathi

Thank you GODesi

GODesi A2 Milk did not cause an any unpleasant digestive symptoms (for example, bloating and flatulence) usually associated with milk consumption in those who are especially lactose-intolerant like me.


Doctor Recommended

As a doctor, I always take GoDesi milk and also recommend this A2 milk rather than ordinary A1 milk as it contains more good proteins and possess many other benefits for kids, elders and patients. I got to know about GoDesi Milk from one of my colleague, they provide fresh milk within few hours after milking. They even give farm fresh fodder for cows which is cultivated in their vast fields.

Dr. Kodandaram