Go Desi A2 Milk

Go Desi – Farm Fresh Desi GIR Cow A2 Milk – Direct Farm To Home

Go-Desi milk arrives steadfast from farm to your homes at your convenience. Go-Desi milk is pure, possess high nutritional values and of great quality & taste. The most favorable part is, it does not go through any of the processed ways followed by other wholesalers in the segment. It’s naturally extracted from the cow in a hygienic manner under strict supervision which assures of its persona. It is proven to be a very good mouthful drink during any part of the day for children & the whole family.


Desi Milk

Our Indian GIR cow’s milk  is transported to your doorstep in a span of hours post milking which provides rich & natural freshness. Milk is a daily mandate ingredient for the Indian families and Desi Cow’s milk act as a substitute for numerous un-accessible minerals, proteins & dietary fat essential for human body. Desi Cow milk is particularly

  • High in protein
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Vital vitamins (like a/b/d)
  • Antioxidants
  • Additional organic compounds to nurture the body.

It strengthens the bones & teeth, improves heart health, helps in natural weight loss unlike dependence of drug dosages which carry huge side effects, reduces inflammatory issues thereby improving metabolism, boosts immunity, prevents diabetes and endows many other medicinal benefits

Go Desi milk predominantly comes with a tagline of A2 Type milk which is a huge topic of discussion in media recent days. A2 milk is natural golden color and carries incredible nutritional benefits.


The milk fat content in Desi Cow is on average 4.8%, higher than normal milk of around 3.6%; the dominant value being healthy fat occurring naturally and supporting human central nervous system.

Easily digestible which proves it to be an excellent drink for all ages.

Wholesome and Nutritious – A2 milk is certified to be a best available substitute for ‘mother’s milk’.


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Go Desi cow’s (A2) milk can help in controlling cancer, diabetes, obesity, PMS and migraine attacks, and it’s good for people of all ages.  Go Desi Milk tastes delicious and is completely natural and nutritionally dense. Wholesome and Nutritious, Humpy A2 milk offers the closest benefits of ‘mother’s milk’. It contains Colostrum which is found in mother’s milk…



We procured  multiple GIR Cows at our farm which is crowned as TOP Desi Cattle Breed across the world. They are inhabitants of GIR hills & forests of Gujarat State, India. Bhodali, Gujarati, Sorthi, Surti, Kathiawari and Desan are other names of GIR cows in various parts of India. Their body is well proportioned and the udder in females are well built and circled. Their body color varies from shining red to spotted white. They have a typically dome shaped forehead, long ears and a hump on their back. GIR breed is best known for its milk prowess too. It is resistant to various tropical diseases besides having the capacity to yield more milk while feeding less. This breed is also globally acclaimed and primarily bred across African and Southeast nations.


COw Feed

We cultivate the Fodder and Feed the cattle at our 10 Acre farm premises with the help of natural farming techniques. Maize, Jowar, CO4Grass, Hedge Lucerne, Napier grass, Paddy Straw, Sugar Cane grass, etc. are grown naturally without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. These feeds help in optimum yield quantity for the cows. The cow dung is in-turn used for cultivation and the following crop from the farm is used as a part of feed for the cattle. This resembles the natural way of cattle breeding which helps in healthier maintenance of the cattle.



This is after the milk of the Gir cow, an indigenous breed from Saurashtra, Gujarat, became popular in many of the city’s dairy farms, courtesy its rich protein and nutritional value. The price of the Gir cow milk is at least twice that of other brands available here….readmore