Very happy with Milk quality and Supply

GoDesi A2 Milk was recommended by the lactation consultant I saw and I’ve been taking it for over 2 months with great results. I plan to continue taking this while nursing!

Divya Tripathi

Thank you GODesi

GODesi A2 Milk did not cause an any unpleasant digestive symptoms (for example, bloating and flatulence) usually associated with milk consumption in those who are especially lactose-intolerant like me.


Doctor Recommended

As a doctor, I always take GoDesi milk and also recommend this A2 milk rather than ordinary A1 milk as it contains more good proteins and possess many other benefits for kids, elders and patients. I got to know about GoDesi Milk from one of my colleague, they provide fresh milk within few hours after milking. They even give farm fresh fodder for cows which is cultivated in their vast fields.

Dr. Kodandaram

Most Amazing Milk!

This is the most amazing milk we ever try, the taste is delicious!! We have order for our kids, Desi milk is very gentle for the little tummies they enjoyed it and ask for more and we are very happy with the results


No digestive issues since I started drinking GoDesi A2 milk

One of my favorite tastings. I never heard of A2 milk prior to the order but am glad I know of it now. I haven’t had any digestive issues since I started drinking it. The kiddos enjoyed the tasting as well. We make Curd, Butter Milk for kids and Tea coffee for the adults using desi milk . Thanks for providing such fresh milk..

Vanishree R

More resistance to cold, cough and fever

Happy to share!

My Kiddos are very active and now more resistance to cold, cough and fever. After all as parents we need to give health life rather than wealthy life.

Vidya ( Kondapur)

GoDesi Milk is so Good ,even I changed my current vendor

I thank My friend who recommended Godesi A2 milk, it is really good and tasty. I changed my current vendor immediately and suggested my neighbours in Adity Sunshine.


Milk supply and packing is good

I take 1 litre of Godesi milk daily. It tastes very good. My child likes the milk and is very active.

I even like the packaging in glass bottles .

Vivek ( Kondapur)

Quality is good

We are very happy with Godesi milk taste and especially the Quality. Maintain it! Thank you sir

Praveen ( Himayat nagar)

Seeing the quality of milk, Even I ordered GoDesi Ghee.

I started drinking GoDesi A2 milk. Seeing the quality of milk, Even I ordered GoDesi Ghee….. It tastes fantastic.

I am feeling very health.


GoDesi Ghee is fantastic

I took GoDesi Ghee for my relatives in US. They felt very happy and thanked me for the taste and quality. Thank you for keeping my reputation infront of my relatives. 🙂

I referred your milk to many of my neighbours. All the best!

Kiran Kumar

My Yoga guru referred A2 Milk

When I joined a yoga center my yoga guru used to always talk about Cow milk products and its importance. When I searched in Google, I found Godesi milk providers. The customer support gave the details of A2 milk and shared some videos about A2 milk…through whatsapp, and with in a day they started delivering the A2 milk to my home.

Even I ordered  the Ghee, which is made in traditional method, it is pure and very tasty.

Godesi milk is worth your money.


Currently in this pandemic situation being a pregnant women I switched to A2 milk as it has several health benefits and is easier to digest. I can feel the change today after a month of consumption, I feel more energetic, strong and confident.