Why Us

As per the latest research by University in Western Australia, heavy consumption of A1 Quality milk might result in metabolic imbalance. This is where the beta-protein available in A2 Quality fights against these little upsets in humans and result in fit lifestyle.

We are one of the very few natural “GIR Cow A2 milk” producers in Hyderabad. Other brands across the market offer wide variety of processed & pasteurized milk. These methods enhance the volumes of output and helps in longer shelf life of the milk. In addition, various drugs are administered in the cattle feed to ward off infestation. This might assist is sterilizing the crop, however hinders the nutrients in the milk. Hence these techniques are hazardous to one’s health, especially infants and growing kids.


We, at the Go Desi – GIR Cow farm follow superior standards in making a product that is pure and naturally produced. We strongly proclaim that we DO NOT use any hazardous chemicals to our cattle. We strive to deliver the goodness of milk in its best natural state. Also, our GIR Breed of cattle are highly disease resistant and are able to produce high quality milk.

  • Prime objective is to produce Natural  milk with optimum quality thereby satisfying our customers
  • We take pride in presenting our product as it’s an outcome of traditional & natural way of farming without the usage of any crop enhancing drugs or chemicals in our products
  • Premium logistics to deliver milk to your home in very optimal timeline