GoDesi Cow A2 Milk


Taaza: Delivered at your doorstep within 2hours after milking which maintains original richness.
Shudhdh: Our cattle is fed with pure organic grass which helps in producing germ-free pure fresh milk.
Meetha: Taaza & Shudhdh GoDesi milk tastes Meetha. It is germ-free and rich in vitamins & minerals
Swasth: Kids love to drink it even multiple times in a day which nurtures their bone strength & improves digestion capabilities
Sehadh: The vital nutrients available in the milk help in increasing the body immunity and prevents from diseases


Go Desi Cow Milk is naturally produced unlike the artificial method of injecting drugs like Oxytocin into cattle. Study reveal that milking cows injected with antibiotics are harmful for health. Our cows are fed with natural fodder and contain high nutritional values.


GoDesi milk is delivered to home non-pasteurized & unprocessed to preserve natural vitamins & minerals which provide rich health to humans


Go Desi Cow Milk is of highest quality without any adulteration. It is healthier, easy to digest and perfectly safe for consumption


  • Natural and Nutritional– A2 Milk tastes delicious and is fully natural and nutritionally dense
  • Growth and Nourishment –Prime source for development of Central Nervous System in humans. Cerebrosides of A2 milk enhances the brain power in kids while Strontium helps in body immunity and protects from harmful radiation
  • Omega 3– Elevated levels of Omega 3 acids helps in cleansing of cholesterol deposits from blood vessels
  • Medicinal gains –Indian cow’s (A2) milk can help in curing cancer, controlling diabetes and maintaining obesity. Controls PMS and migraine attacks too. Easily consumable and digestible for all ages
  • Evidence linking Foreign breed cow (A1) milk resulted in ill-health conditions like; Type -1 diabetes, Cardiovascular disease (IHD), Autism, Schizophrenia, Sudden Infant death syndrome (SIDS) & other auto-immune diseases, intolerances and allergies – The Indian Express, July 11, 2015
  • Digestion –Easy to digest for infants, children and old people. It does not cause bloating in stomach and also irritable bowel symptoms are cured by A2 milks
  • Feeding -The next best substitute for an infant (after mother’s milk). Colostrum is amply available in Indian GIR Cow’s milk vis-à-vis Mother’s milk that’s high in protein and antibodies to help keep the baby healthy
  • Bone Power – Milk is the first-rate source of calcium for improving bone strength and healthy teeth; helps maintain bone mass as per the age limits
  • Rich in βeta Protein –Assists in regeneration of broken muscles; serves as a variety of important nutrients during pregnancy, including build-up of baby’s tissues
  • Riboflavin (B2) – Production of energy and Cardio-vascular protection. Helps to synthesize and convert food into energy
  • Vitamin B12 –Maintains healthy count of RBC which enriches the nerve tissues
  • Phosphorus –Balances the sodium levels in human body thereby nurturing muscles & bones strength
  • Seasonal allergic rhinitis –Consumption of A2 milk prevents the Chronic cough, Congestion, Hay fever
  • Physical Symptoms – A2 milk works best for people suffering from physical symptoms – like skin rashes, ear infections & other inherent diseases