Diabetics, who miss having rice, have something to cheer about.

A low glycemic index (GI) rice variety that goes by RNR-15048 moniker is released for commercial seed production. It has a low GI of 51. Compared to this, the popular Sona Masuri rice variety registers 72 as its GI.

Higher GI foods are generally not recommended for consumption by diabetics. They can contribute to increase in blood sugar levels and make medical management of diabetes more intensive and sometimes challenging.

The RNR-15048 rice variety was developed after six years of research at Prof Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University near here.

RNR-15048 is also resistant to one of the major rice pests, the Brown Plant Hopper and since it is a short duration crop it also requires lesser inputs in terms of fertilizers and pesticides.

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What is sugar free rice?

This breed of rice was developed after six years of research by Prof Jayashankar at Telangana State Agricultural University. This is a low glycemic index (GI) rice variety that goes by the name RNR-15048 moniker OR ” TELANGANA SONA “.

Why sugar free rice?

It has low Glycemic Index (GI) of 51.5 % and 5% more protein as compared to the normal daily rice that we consume, which has Glycemic Index of 72. This has made it a preferred choice for health conscious consumers, particularly diabetic and obese patients. Plus, it is highly palatable and suits health conscious consumers.

Plus if you are obese or diabetic and cannot eat rice and are advised just to eat roti, then you can eat this rice and leave the worry about increasing sugar levels or weight gain behind as it tastes and benefits exactly the same like the normal rice with much less glucose content.

How can sugar free rice help to Diabetic and Obese people?

Due to its nutritional value:

  • 20 times less Glycemic index. (G.I.) than normal rice
  • G. I. of normal rice is 70 Approx. and this rice is just 50.
  • (I. is a number associated with food’s effect on a person’s blood sugar or glucose level. The G.I. shall be less to control blood sugar)
  • 5% more protein compared to the normal rice
  • Scientific miracle and boon for Diabetic and Obesity patients.
  • Rich in taste and health
  • Controls the blood sugar levels
  • Suitable for people of all age groups.

Who can eat?

All health conscious people can eat this rice. Zero side effects, fully organic and home grown.

About us

We have produced Sugar-free Rice Telangana Sona by considering the agony and helplessness of Diabetic and Obese patients. They cannot eat rice as it will increase the glucose level in their body ultimately leading to rise in bodily sugar levels and related consequences.

But now, this can be avoided with our sugar free rice that we have grown completely in organic way (only with the help of natural resources, cow dung and bio-fertilizers).

  • No need to substitute rice with roti
  • Do not compromise by eating less / zero rice
  • No need to eat only chapattis because of Diabetes or Obesity.
  • Eat as much rice as you want. Just replace your rice with this organic sugar free rice.

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