Problems of A1 Milk and Why A2 Milk?

When A1 milk hits the small intestine BCM-7 is produced. GoDesi A2 milk does not yield BCM-7

Say No to A1 Milk

Say No to BCM-7

A1 milk problems are many such as digestive problems, type-1 diabetics, mental disorders, heart diseases, high blood pressure, coronary artery diseases, infant death, gastro intestinal inflammation, breast cancer, kidney diseases, Asthama etc

BCM7 is suggested to be associated as a risk factor for human health hazards as it can potentially affect numerous opioid receptors in the nervous, endocrine and immune system.

Effect on human health: Based on the epidemiology, milk chemistry, pharmacology, animal experiments, human trials, clinical observations and consumer experiences conducted in several countries like New Zealand and Australia, reports say that consumption of A1 milk may cause more incidences of Type-I diabetes, heart diseases, arteriosclerosis, sudden infant death syndrome, autism, digestive disorders, neurodegenerative disorders, intolerance, allergies, autoimmune conditions in human beings.

 People who drink A2 milk, have a lower incidence of cardiovascular disease and type-1 diabetes

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