Featured in Maharashtra Times: The Inspiring Journey of Go Desi Milk

1st April 2024

Left IT industry and doing success in Milk business!

In today’s society, many young individuals are drawn to the allure of quick wealth, often perceiving traditional jobs as both lucrative and secure. However, amidst this prevailing mindset, there exists a remarkable tale of a team whose sense of duty towards the environment and community steered them in a different direction.

Enter Go Desi Milk, a venture initiated a few years ago with a modest focus on A2 milk. Initially regarded as a sideline endeavor within the industry, the overwhelming response and positive feedback propelled them to fully commit to this business. Mr. M Virender, the visionary behind GoDesi Milk, initiated this venture with a farm-fresh produce concept. Departing from her lucrative position in the IT industry, Sushma Rewatkar, hailing from Vidarbha, Maharashtra, found her true purpose and satisfaction in this enterprise.

Guided by Mr. Mohan Srigirivar, a respected dairy consultant and head of the Vasanta Foundation, Go Desi Milk found invaluable mentorship and support to expand their operations. Specializing exclusively in A2 milk and its derivatives, they have garnered a loyal customer base exceeding 3000 individuals across Hyderabad and neighboring regions.

Their journey serves as a beacon of inspiration, illustrating the potential for success and sustainability in the dairy industry. In a world where such endeavors are increasingly vital, Go Desi Milk stands as a testament to the transformative power of dedication to both business and societal well-being.


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