Go Desi Milk is the Best milk category in India, as per the Survey.

Which is the Best Milk in the Indian Market? Milk in India Ranked from Worst to Best. Which milk is best for health? What did the lab results show when the most popular brands of milk were tested? What’s up with A1 and A2 milk?

The milk in this category the best available in India. We must understand that yielding milk from an animal is not just another manufacturing process. It is all about how natural the environment is for the cow, what is it being fed? Is there any artificial insemination going on or not? It all affects the quality of her milk. That is where the milk in this category stands out.


In and near DELHI NCR

1. https://www.waywewere.net/

2. http://www.vakshi.com/

3. http://www.milkveda.com/

4. http://www.vrindavanmilk.com/desi-cow…

5. http://www.vrindamilk.com/home

6. http://www.piousmilk.com/index.php

In and near HYDERABAD

1. http://www.klimom.com/milk/

2. https://godesimilk.com/pure-desi-cow-a… (Also Available in Chennai and Nagpur)

3. http://www.svsfarms.com/

4. https://www.krsnaa2milk.com/

5. http://www.charaka.co.in/

In and near MUMBAI

1. http://www.vitafarms.in/index.html

2. https://www.kesariyafarm.com/

3. https://aumrut.com/ (They have Foreign Breed Cow milk as well. Specifically ask for only Gir Cow Milk if you choose them.)

4. http://provilac.com/a2-milk.html (Also available in Pune)

5. https://dearcows.com/ (Gir Cow Milk Packet)

6. https://bodhishop.in/pages/a2milk (Also available in Pune)

7. https://www.gosrushti.in/our-products… (Gir Cow Milk Packet)

In and near BANGALORE

1. http://www.haritasa2milk.com/

2. https://surabhia2milk.com/contact.php

3. http://www.vrindavanmilk.com/desi-cow… (Desi Cow Milk Packet)

4. http://www.indusmilk.com/index.html (Desi Cow Milk Packet)

5. https://bodhishop.in/pages/gir-cow-a2…

In and near CHENNAI

1. http://www.nandhaadairyfarm.com/produ…

2. https://godesimilk.com/experience-the-…

3. https://www.annammilk.com/

In and near AHMEDABAD

1. https://www.kalyyafarms.com/gir-cow-milk

2. http://vedicmilk.in/

3. https://www.ayudaorganics.com/a2-milk (Also available in Gandhinagar)

In and near INDORE


2. http://girgavya.in/A2cowmilk.html

In and near KOLKATA

1. https://www.satvikorganic.com/index.p…

In and near LUDHIANA


We, at the Go Desi – GIR Cow farm follow superior standards in making a product that is pure and naturally produced. We strongly proclaim that we DO NOT use any hazardous chemicals to our cattle. We strive to deliver the goodness of milk in its best natural state. Also, our GIR Breed of cattle are highly disease resistant and are able to produce high quality milk.

We are one of the very few natural “GIR COW A2 PURE RAW MILK” producers in Hyderabad. For ordering this pure desi Gir cow A2 milk you can call/ whatsapp at: +91-9573900667 / +91-7207887740 /+91-9000008303. For more info contact us.

SOURCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moZjGDwG5UU&feature=youtu.be

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  1. The cow milk tastes fresh all day long which is not the case with other pasteurised milk brands I have been used to so far. Its healthy and attractive glass bottle packaging is different from common unhygienic plastic packaging by other mass brands.

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