Pure Desi GIR Cow A2 Ghee in Hyderabad

100% pure desi Gir cow ghee for sale in Hyderabad

Desi gay ka ghee is something that has been part of tons of Indian’s everyday diet from ages. Whether its paratha, rice, roti, or any curry; ghee can act as a taste and health booster. Being Indian I keep looking for opportunities to fit ghee into any food item like salad dressing (opt for ghee instead of fancy sauces loaded with preservatives), snacks or wraps. I know many of you who are diet conscious will start saying that it is full of fat, cholesterol and other weight increasing ingredients, which is purely a myth. There is no such scientific proof to this baseless thing, if you don’t believe me listen it from the famous dietitians and celebrities:

In fact many of the famous dieticians and celebrities have now realized the importance and value of real cow ghee and made it a mandatory part of their every day’s diet.  Indian bodies need certain nutrients and supplements which can be provided through desi (A2) cow products, which are beneficial in many ways like good digestion, curbing junk carvings, increasing resistance, good brain functioning, curing indigestion, weight control, fat control and many more. We at GoDesi provide pure desi A2 ghee (belona style) plus A2 ghee, in its purest and most fresh form. Here is our sample package of 500gms in glass jar.

pure desi cow ghee

pure desi ghee

Our ghee is rich in taste, nutrients and most important made from pure, unadulterated desi cow’s A2 milk. If you want to have taste contact us at:9573900667/9000008303

Our year-old traditions and food habits were followed, tested and tried by our elders who seems to cross 70 years of age these days as compared to this generation who can hardly live up to 60 or less than that; the reasons could be many such as change in lifestyle, food habits, etc. But few things are always healthy and no one can take their place – desi cow’s A2 milk and ghee are such irreplaceable things. So blindly following the foreign food fads or diets may do adverse than good to our bodies. Let’s stick to our roots and be desi eat desi.