A1 vs A2 Milk Difference? What Doctors Say?


  • Many of the peoples are still not aware about the 2 types of milk; that are A1 and A2…
  • A1 milk is produced by the Foreign breeds or hybrid cows (Jersey), whereas A2 milk is produced by the Indian breed cows (Gir).
  • A2 is taken by the Rishis, Munis, Saints to nourished brain.
*A1 milk is produced by the humpless cows.* A2 milk is produced by the humped cow.
*It contains Toxic Casein Protein.*It does not contain any  type of Toxic Protein.
*B tac Morphine 7 (BCM7) is present in A1 milk.*B tac Morphine7(BCM7)    is absent in A2 milk.
*A1 milk is Toxic for the the health.*A2 milk is good for health.                                                                     
*No Presence of the rays from the Surya Ketu Nadi.* Surya Ketu Nadi’s Rays are present.
*Humpless cow milks 1 time year.*Humped cow milks 3  times a year.
*Many diseases occurs by intaking A1 milk.*Not a single disease  occur by intaking A2milk.           
  • The study says that the A2 milk consist of Micro Nutrients Cytokine & Minerals which enhance Immune System.
  • Now many of the other countries agenda is to convert their useless A1 cow into A2 by collecting the embryos of the desi cow. 
  • By taking all this scenario in consideration we respect the originality of Indian cows and we are taking care of the Desi cows in our farm and trying to make their count in greater extent.
  • As the people knows the benefits of the Desi cow and knows how useful is it..

We are looking forward for the healthy individual of our society, thus we have setup Gaushala and Dairies at HYDERABAD, CHENNAI, NAGPUR, AMARAVTI. 

  • For any type of Desi Milk as well as Desi cow products : Ghee, Paneer, Curd, buttermilk, ETC….

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