Milk bottle cleaning Machine

Say no to Plastic Bottles.

For ordering this pure desi Gir cow A2 milk you can call/ whatsapp at: +91-9573900667 / +91-7207887740 /+91-9000008303. Visit Site: We have farms or milk supplies in Hyderabad, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and Chennai, Nagpur etc.

At GoDesi we deliver milk in Glass Bottles which are reusable and safe to environment.

Our Milk glass bottles undergoes multiple cleaning process to make it reusable and serve you fresh and delicious milk. Our reusable milk bottles go into an rotatory machine. This makes sure that every speck of dirt is cleaned. When it comes to raw milk, we want to be sure about how clean the glass bottles are! Because if we want the milk to last long, we need a clean milk bottle. Any dirt or bacteria in bottle, the milk will start to sour and spoil. We, at the Go Desi – GIR Cow farm follow superior standards in making a product that is pure and naturally produced. We strongly proclaim that we DO NOT use any hazardous chemicals to our cattle. We strive to deliver the goodness of milk in its best natural state. Also, our GIR Breed of cattle are highly disease resistant and are able to produce high quality milk. We are one of the very few natural “GIR COW A2 PURE RAW MILK” producers in India.