Organic Farming with Cow Manure

🌱 Introducing Our New Venture: Organic Fertilizers by GODesi! 🌱

At GODesi, we’ve always been dedicated to bringing the best of nature’s bounty to our valued customers. From our successful Gir cow A2 milk business to our latest venture into the world of organic fertilizers, we’re committed to promoting sustainable and eco-friendly agriculture.

🌿 Why Choose GODesi Organic Fertilizers?

  • Boost Crop Health
  • Increase Soil Fertility
  • Promote Sustainable Farming
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Utilizing Nutrient-Rich Cow Manure

Join us on this green journey and be a part of a more sustainable future for agriculture.

“GoDesi’s Organic Fertilizers: Nurturing Crops Naturally”

Cow manure – the “Amruta” for plants

Cow dung can act as “Amruta” for the plants in your yard, balcony, terrace or farm. No wonder cow manure is considered as vital element when it comes to organic farming. The fermented cow urine contains nutrients that makes soil more fertile. Cow urine is an eco friendly liquid fertiliser which is a good replacement of certain synthetic pesticides. People have become more concerned about their health and well-being, which may be the reason that organic farming is on the rise.

What is cow manure?

Cow manure is abundant in organic material and essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Moreover, it hosts beneficial soil microorganisms. When employed as a natural fertilizer in agricultural and horticultural applications, it proves to be a valuable asset for enhancing soil quality. Nevertheless, it is crucial to subject it to appropriate composting or aging processes to guarantee its safe application. Fresh cow dung can contain high levels of ammonia, which may be detrimental to plants.

Organic farming, when done with the right natural pure cow manure, can prove to be booster for plants’ growth, and production. But, it is very important to obtain the best quality cow manure that is all-natural and comes from naturally grazing animals.

How to choose right cow manure?

Due to the unconventional farming methods used these days, many people have started growing their own vegetables in their back yard, terrace or available space. Using cow manure for your terrace garden can yield amazing results, just as it does in organic farming. Cow manure is natural, free from artificial ingredients, and readily available. However, choosing the right cow manure from the right source is equally important. Feeding cows their natural food, which is homegrown and cultivated with natural farming methods, can ensure good-quality urine, dung, and other byproducts.

GoDesi Cow Manure

We at GoDesi Milk wholeheartedly promote natural farming practices and prioritize the nourishment of our cows with homegrown, all-natural feed. This meticulous approach guarantees the production of nutrient-rich cow manure. Our cows graze naturally on a diet of grasses, hay, and other wholesome plant materials. We ensure that their cow dung undergoes the necessary aging process to yield high-quality cow manure. The exceptional quality of this cow manure has a proven track record of benefiting plants by enhancing their growth, increasing production yields, and improving the overall quality of fruits. As a result, many of our valued clients repeatedly turn to us for a consistent supply of premium natural cow manure. We take great pride in contributing to the success of their agricultural endeavors. If you are in search of adding more life to your plants with good quality cow manure, we can help. Write us to [email protected] or WhatsApp at +91-7207887740 / 9032804111/ +91-9573900667

Cow manure used at Mango farming

Cow manure being used at Mango farming

Cow manure used at home terrace garden

Cow manure being used at home terrace garden
cow manure for terrace garden


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