Significance of Giving Roti to Cow

Feeding cow on Amavasya and feeding jaggery to cows for marriage are some of the best-known astrological benefits of feeding cow in Hinduism.
Apart from these, benefits of feeding banana to cow is also wide-popular among various sects of Hinduism.

Cow in Hinudism

Cow is a sacred animal in Hinduism and considered as the mother {gaumata}. While cow is worshipped with great devotion {in Hinduism}, feeding the cow helps in overcoming the malefic effects of planets {based on the horoscope}. In general. one must feed green grass and sweet flour to cows to bring the positivity in the life.

The Cow in Hinduism is a symbol of Earth and it is acknowledged as mother of all animals. In fact Cows in Hinduism, Buddhism and many more communities are believed to be sacred and are worshiped as well. Lord Krishna is also called as Baal Gopal and Govinda which means he is a protector of cow and he grew up as a cow herder.

It is said that all the God & Goddesses resides in cow’s soul and worshiping a cow daily is equal to worship of 33 cores Hindu Gods.

Benefits Of Feeding Cows

In all the Vedic scriptures importance of cow is mentioned. Hence there are various remedies related to Cows that can help you coming over many astrological issues and can change malefic and adverse effects of unfavorable planets in your horoscope.

  1. When sun is unfavorable in your horoscope Feed cows with wheat bread.
  2. When moon is your week planet you should keep a cow or feeding water to cow every day this will reduce malefic effects of moon.
  3. When mars is week in horoscope feed gram & jaggery to cows on Tuesdays.
  4. To improve your mercury feed green grass or any green leafy vegetable to cow on Wednesday.
  5. To improve your Jupiter feed soaked gram & jaggery to cows on Thursdays.
  6. To make your Venus strong or reduce malefic effects of Venus give a part of your food every day to a cow.
  7. When your Rahu Maha Dasha is going on Feeding soaked black daal to black cow or black buffalo every evening, this will keep you safe from malefic effects of rahu.
  8. When Saturn is adverse in your horoscope or you are going through ill effects of sade sati you should feed green spinach or oiled bread to cow every Saturday, this will reduce the malefic effects of shani.
  9. When ketu is unfavorable and you are feeding sesame seeds mixed in wheat flour will help you coming over the malefic effects of ketu.
  10. When you are going through bad tome every day after shower taking cows blessing by touching its feed will bring in peace, harmony & prosperity in your life.
  11. Placing a calendar or photo of shri Krishna playing flute surrounded by cows is auspicious and brings in positive energy.

It is said to be auspicious seeing cow or hearing its voice while going for important work.

As per Vastu Shastra, presence of cow in the house removes all the vastu dosha and lighting a cow ghee lamp in your temple area brings in positivity in the house.

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