Desi GIR Cow A2 milk Benefits


Is one of the principleZebu breeds originating in India. It is proven fact that GIR cow and all other pure cow breeds of India produces pure milk which is very easy to digest and healthy as well. GIR is the best and healthiest milk-producing cattle in terms of low fat and more protein.

Shows high resistance to disease.

GIR cow is distinctive in appearance, they are as follows:


HEAD: The most unique feature of GIR is their convex forehead, which acts as a cooling radiator to the brain and pituitary gland.

EAR: Ears are long in length and pendulous, opening to the front and resembling a curled-up leaf.

HORN: Horns are set well back on their heads and thick at the base.Basicallyin pyramid form.

HUMP: GIR cow has hump on back of neck. This hump has a specific vein called SURYA KETU NADI. On interaction with solar rays, it produces gold salt in her blood. These salts are present in the cow’s milk and in other bodily fluids.

DEWLAP: Indian cow develop a fold of loose skin hanging below neck. Dewlap provides high heat resistance capacity and makes desi cow sustain in all the environment.

TAIL: Long enough to touch to ground. Tail joint is unique and allows swirling around till the neck. It also swats flies and insects. Cow can clean her body herself no need to give bath daily.



It is scientifically proven that, Indian cow contain the A2 allele gene. This is also transferred to the milk which make it much more nutrient and healthy than A1 milk. Doctors advice pregnant women, kids, diabetics and heart-patients to consume it.


If we observed dung of desi cow its generally in cake form, but if its of other cow’s or buffalo it gets spread on the floor. The Indian holy cow’s dung cake are considered sacred and have a prominent place in worships, Pujas and ceremonies. Cow’s dung cake in fire tend to purify the air; it is anti-pollutant and has anti-radiant qualities that benefit the environment.


It has medicinal qualities in higher content. Cow urine is use in manufacturing of many medicines. Drinking cow urine is natural treatment for some of the diseases.It is of greater use in daily life.

GIR cow is considered as the top of all the other desi cows in India.


It has flat back and neither and flap below neck.                                     It has hump on its back flap below neck.  
It’s not Indian.                                 It’s purely Indian.
Milk comes under category  A1 which is unhealthy             Milk comes under A2 which is and healthy.
Milk has 7% fats.                           Milk has 3-4% fats.
BCM 7 is present which may cause cancer.                                                   BCM 7 is not present and doesn’t cause any disease.
Do not have any emotions  feelings and respect.                                       Have emotions  feelings, and respect.                                      
Physical structure is not so good                Perfect physical structure.  
These are more vulnerable to diseases.                                                              These are healthy and NOT vulnerable to diseases.                                                              
Finds difficult to adapt in environment. Requires  coolers and heaters.                                                  Adapt in any environment. Capacity to bear hot & cold.  
Give birth to calves more than 15 timesGives birth to only 4 calves.  

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