Indian Desi Cow A2 milk Uses and Cow Importance in Society

Why to use Cow milk??

  • In our ethology it is clearly mention that “COW” is mother of whole universe. Every Hindu person praise cow as God and mother.
  • There are many sources of milk such as from buffalo, goat, etc.

But there are many specialities in cow milk.

  • Old age people called milk as “AMRUT” or “AMRITA”.

As it very beneficial for all the humans.

Importance of Cow milk:

Milk contains 8 different types of proteins,6 types of vitamins and many types of amino acids. It also contains magnesium, calcium in greater content which is important for bone development and muscles functioning.

It also contains whey and caseins, which help in lowering blood pressure.

Benefits of cow products:

Cow Milk: It is beneficial for human health as well as for our brain andalso helps to increase immunity power which resist and fight with infections, diseases.

  • Cow dung:It’s natural fuel and fertilizers. In early days cow dung was mainly used to produced biogas.Village people use for covering their roofs ,which protect them from the sun -rays ,also put on the water mixed cow dung on the floor ..
  • Cow urine (Gomutra): Cow urine has medicinal quality in greater content.It treats many diseases.Also used for manufacturing of medicines.  America used cow urine for the medicinal use and it is imported only from India.
  • There are many of the products that we can manufacture from cow milk  such as : curd, buttermilk, ghee, paneer, and many more.

Scope of dairy farming: India is one of the largest milkproducers of the world. The demand of milk and milk products is increasing rapidly. There is immense scope of dairy farming in our country.

As in the pandemic year, why should not we take care of ourself and intake quantity as well as quality…

As we know the right and best product for the growth of immunity and to maintain energy level is cow milk, we must start to intake it..


1 Cow’s lifespan is about 20 to 25 years… cow gives us milk 15 years of her total lifespan.

Daily milk extracted is about 15 to 20 liters…that means in a year cow gives 7000 liters of milk and thus, in 15 years its total is 1 lakh 5000 liters of milk.

If 1 liter of milk cost is 60rs then, multiply 1lakh5000 liters of milk to 60.

                                105000*60 = 6,300,000

In total lifespan of cow one can take income of Rs.6,300,00 on only milk if we add another products there may be increased in the total price ….

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