India’s Best Milk ( A2 Milk)

Which is the Best Milk in the Indian Market? Milk in India Ranked from Worst to Best. Which milk is best for health? What did the lab results show when the most popular brands of milk were tested? What’s up with A1 and A2 milk?

Milk is an integral part of a large population of India and around the world. Ayurvedic scriptures have glorified milk as a unique food which alone has all the nutrients required to nourish your whole body. But how true is that for the commercial milk that we drink today? To know the answer I have researched and broken down all the milk available in the Indian market into 4 major categories. 00:37 – CATEGORY 1 – The milk in this category is generally the choice of people who have this habit of stacking food for weeks and months. Personally, I would not recommend you drink this milk. 01:29 – CATEGORY 2 – The milk in this category is most popular and most commonly used by Indians. Adulteration in this milk has become a major concern of most people. What is the truth? Let us find out. 04:11 – CATEGORY 3 – This milk is definitely much better than the milk discussed in the previous categories. Even the west has begun to appreciate this milk. Indian govt has taken steps to make this milk available to general public. 05:34 – SPECIAL MENTIONS – These include milk powders, vegan milk, buffalo milk and some of the less available but highly nutritious Camel and Goat milk. What does Ayurveda talk about them? Let’s dig in. 06:40 – CATEGORY 4 – The milk in this category the best available in India. We must understand that yielding milk from an animal is not just another manufacturing process. It is all about how natural the environment is for the cow, what is it being fed? Is there any artificial insemination going on or not? It all affects the quality of her milk. That is where the milk in this category stands out.

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